'Bangers for Bluebell' Sausages (1kg)

'Bangers for Bluebell' Sausages (1kg)

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Made from cuts of lean, local Yorkshire pork, these thick or thin line sausages are a delicious addition to your grill.

Choose from:

Spicy Spanish with Roasted Red Pepper – a spicy (but not too hot) sausage with paprika, peppers and tomato.

Smoky Maple with Chilli – a distinctly smoky flavour with a kick of chilli.

Smoky Barbeque – a delicious blend of sweet and mild smoky seasoning.

The sausages cost £6.94 per kilo, with £1 per kilo being donated to the hospice.

Supporting Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

About Bangers for Bluebell

A barbeque just wouldn’t be a barbeque without some delicious burgers, kebabs, and sausages, and we’ve got a mouthwatering range for you to cook at your event. John Crawshaw’s limited edition menu has been designed especially for the Bangers for Bluebell campaign, with a percentage of each product going directly to Bluebell Wood children's hospice.