'Bangers for Bluebell' - have a sizzling summer

'Bangers for Bluebell' - have a sizzling summer

A barbeque just wouldn’t be a barbeque without some delicious burgers, kebabs, and sausages, and we’ve got a mouthwatering range for you to cook at your 'Bangers for Bluebell' event. John Crawshaw’s limited edition menu has been designed especially for the Bangers for Bluebell campaign, with a percentage of each product going directly to Bluebell Wood children's hospice.

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Made with selected cuts of lean, local, Seven Hills beef, this 4oz beef and onion burger is lean, tasty, and tender. These burgers cost 85p each, with 15p being donated to Bluebell Wood per burger.

Chicken Kebabs

John Crawshaw’s delicious kebabs contain 90-100g of fresh, tender chicken breast chunks in a choice of cajun; soy, ginger and garlic; and garlic butter. Each kebab costs £1, with a 20p donation going to Bluebell Wood per kebab.


Made from cuts of lean, local Yorkshire pork, these thick or thin line sausages are a delicious addition to your grill. Choose from: Spicy Spanish with Roasted Red Pepper, a spicy (but not too hot) sausage with paprika, peppers and tomato; Smoky Maple with Chilli, a distinctly smoky flavour with a kick of chilli; and Smoky Barbeque, a delicious blend of sweet and mild smoky seasoning. The sausages cost £6.94 per kilo, with £1 per kilo being donated to the hospice.

Where to buy

John Crawshaw’s ‘Bangers for Bluebell’ range can be bought from any of our stores as long as you phone and give a full days notice, or you can order online and collect in store using our Click & Collect service.