Food Standards

Food production and manufacturing facilities at John Crawshaws are approved fully by the national body of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) while our retail shops being monitored by the local environmental authority star ratings.

John Crawshaws itself on extremely high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, we have our own inhouse training and induction scheme for all our employees that comprehensively deals with all aspects in this area.

Recent results for the shops from local authority Sheffield have been excellent. The FSA monitors the fresh meat butchery dept, boning, trimming, packaging, storage and sausage / burger production as well as the ready to eat kitchen area which produces, cooked meats, pies, pasties, sausage rolls and our range of meals such as lasagne, beef casseroles, shepherds pies etc and all our sales and delivery of goods to the many restaurants, pubs and hotels that we supply.

5 Star Hygiene Rating

The FSA audits are very rigorous, covering hygiene, maintenance, temperature control, labelling, shelf life, stock rotation, deliveries (incoming & outgoing) plus the quality of our product. We were delighted when our last two audits gave us the highest grade that was possible, a great credit to our team who are committed to providing the highest standards for our customers.