Production Kitchen

John Crawshaws beef volcanoes

The day starts early for our dedicated behind the scenes team who open up and get cracking with making fresh and tasty food for our shops and catering customers.

Our head chef leads a team who make the pastry for our pies and pasties and the tasty filling to go with them. They will also be busy preparing dishes that are ready to cook at home such as the ever popular Chicken Kiev or our famous spicy Beef Volcanoes (pictured above).

Pork pies freshly baked at John Crawshaws Butchers, Sheffield

At the same time, our team of skilled butchers will be preparing cuts of meat or creating yet more delicious sausages.

But that’s not all …. We also have some talented pastry chefs who will be baking tempting sweets, cakes and buns to go with our famous range of fresh meats and award winning produce.

Cakes and freshly baked produce at John Crawshaws